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Personalised Solutions for you With the concept of GOAL BASED INVESTMENT
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Investment Management

Investment  Management

Maybank Investment Management curates personalised solutions for you according to your investment style and goals with the concept of


To achieve your goals and create wealth returns.


Multi –Asset portfolios can include assets across the following classes :

1.Mutual Funds : A wide range of high-performance products from leading global institutions. To invest in both short-term and long-term funds, domestic and foreign funds and offshore investments with professional advices.

2.Fixed Income & Bond : The bedrock of many investment portfolios.

3.Equities : Growth or Dividend stocks from local, regional and global markets.

4.Offshore Investments


Confidence because…

  • We are expertise with 16 years as Thailand’s #1 broker in Thailand.
  • Relationship manager, strategists and analyst team to provide accurate and timely in depth analysis.
  • Our expertise help you catch the right moment for your investment.
  • Smart technology to evaluate your investment portfolio with real-time including investment opportunities and monthly report.
  • We have wide variety of products including short and long-term mutual funds, domestic and foreign funds covering in 16 leading mutual fund companies. Including bond trading service and offshore investment in 29 overseas markets around the world.
  • Strong financial stability from Maybank, one of the largest banks in southeast Asia.




Maybank Kim Eng (Thailand)

  • We are leading securities company in Thailand with Maybank, the largest banks in Malaysia, as a major shareholder.
  • With more than 31 years of experience in the Thailand securities industry. We have stability and confidence from investors.
  • Being the No.1 broker for 16 consecutive years.
  • Strong financial stability and strong partnership makes us stand firm in Thailand securities industry with asset over 14,671 million Baht (as of 30/09/2020)
  • AA, F1+National Long-Term & Short-Term Credit Ratings from Fitch Ratings respectively(as at 27 May 2020)
  • Honorable awarded by the distinguish International organizations : Best Retail Broker  in Thailand  (2020) and Best Institutional Broker  in Thailand  (2018-2019)  from  Alpha Southeast Asia Awards and Best Brokerage in Thailand (2019)  from the Asset AAA Country Awards.



Maybank Group

  • Southeast Asia’s 4th largest bank by assets
  • Leading ASEAN-born international banking network
  • Integral part of the ASEAN landscape for almost 60 years
  • Operations in 20 countries including all 10 ASEAN countries, the UK and the US
  • Strong foundations – robust financial strength, prudence, integrity, innovation and excellence
  • A-, A3, A- Credit Ratings* on par with Malaysia Sovereign
  • *Ratings by Standard & Poor's, Moody's Investors Service and Fitch Ratings respectively as of 2019
  • 2400 Branches
  • 20m ASEAN customers
  • USD25.4b (FY2018 Market Capitalisation)
  • USD195.3b (FY2018 Total Assets)



Further details for this service, please contact us at our Client Service Tel. 0-2658-5050

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