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Maybank Trade

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The outstanding all-in one online stock trading program

  • Cover all functions in one
  • 7 layouts for real time using
  • “Stock Search” menu for stock picking
  • “Limit Alert” a reminder when it comes to a decision
  • High performance Buy/Sell order

Privilege real-time operating system 4 main functions:  Stock price monitoring, Buy/Sell order, and account checking in one place.


Easy to use

Simply step with just:  putting a symbol, select type of order (buy/sell), put amount of volume and price, 4 initial pin required as the last step or sending order.


Fast, no opportunity wasted

The system link directly to the stock market (SET). Send orders (buy / sell) from anywhere through internet access 24 hours a day.


Order status check available

Account balance status, port status, profit and loss status are ready anytime.


Support both LAN and ADSL, Automatic price adjustment on screen.


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Operating support;

Window xp (Service Pcak3), Windows 7, Windows 8

Required Browser: IE 


Required browser

Internet Explorer

efin Stock Pickup

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eFin StockPickUp is a program running on a computer (PC) for analysis of the stock market and derivatives.

4 major functions of the program

• The graphical analysis techniques which are more than 130 species, including Indicator which is the only one we invented our own.

• News of the investment being offered by eFinanceThai Associated Press, including quality back up of news search system to one year.

• Fundamental information presented in diverse formats. To be applied to the stock search engine. To help investors search for preferred stock, recommended buy and recommended sell stock.

• Statistical data on trades that occur to create a function that show ideas for different angles for the speculation or long-term investment.


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Featured with charts


Many indicators for variety of use

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Basic system requirements

• 2.0 GHz or Higher Processer is Better Performance

• 1 GB of RAM or Higher Recommended

• 200 MB of Available Hard Disk Space *

• VGA (800*600) and RAM VGA Higher 32 MB

• ADSL Hi-Speed Internet 1 Mbps or Higher, or a Network Connection

• Supported OS : Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

efin Trade

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A stock trading program for trading Dumb Terminal only, can be used on the Windows operating system that focuses on the use of the keyboard.


• Quick Buy/Sell menu

• Keyboard use

• Editable sent order

• Cancellation of orders by group

• Full screen


All of your ports can be tracked in one place

Follow-up and track all of your ports, real-time profit and loss forecast, and summarize your trading immediately. This will allow you to manage your port professionally.


Convenient for all whether amateur or professional, perfect fit in your style of investment.


Operating system:

Windows xp (Service Pack 3), Windows 7, Windows 8

Required browser: IE

efin Trade Plus (AUTO TRADE)

Some description

Some description

eFin Trade Plus is a program for stock and derivatives trading. Trading through the Internet, which is another way to help facilitate the investors. No matter where you go, you could see the price and orders quickly and easily. You can also use the information to optimize investment. This will help convenience in making transactions via the internet without the need to open many screen, you can track your portfolio in real-time. This helps you to manage your own investments quickly and efficiently.



Take Profit, Stop Loss automatically

This is new function to improve efficiency in sending order via eFin Trade Plus. The system will send an automated trading on the conditions according to the customer's requirements.

Highlights of the program who should know

• Decide from your conditions to trade (Technical sign / Market price)

• Investment Planning. Create your own investment strategy.

• Time save. No need to stay in front of the screen.

• No minimum value for each time.

By following these steps


Some description


Create your conditions à Confirm your order à Follow the condition à Send order to SET

AUTO TRADE order forms


Time save, free you from a screen

Operating system: Windows xp (Service pack 3), Windows 7, Windows 8

Required browser: IE

SETTRADE Streaming

Some description

Some description
Program for stock trading and derivatives on the PC version, you will not miss any new investment opportunities with a variety of new functions, a quick and easy send order. Information provided both fundamental and technical data. Comfort you to trade confidently on your own via Streaming.

New Design - Color and font size adjustment available

Stylish display with new colors and font sizes on your own design by the menu Settings – Display

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Fundamental info: Accurate decision making with accurate information

More information added to make more accurate decisions

• Quote: add basic information and price chart back up

• Research:  Analysis directly from brokers

• Opportunity Day: Under the News menu, special events, “Listed Companies meet investors program” [Live talk].

• SET Calendar:  Under the News menu, find and acknowledge the benefits of various stocks from The Financial Calendar.

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Technical Chart: Analyze to find signals investment by technical chart

Technical Charts are easy to use. Complete information on both stocks and derivatives provided, including index indicators with a choice of more than 50 indicators. Users can follow-up Information on a daily, weekly and monthly. Send order menu is available, also technical chart to be analyzed on the same screen.

Some description

Operating system:

Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac

Required browser: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

MKET Radars (IOS/Android)

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MKET Radars

  • Real-time trading application
  • Available on IOS & Android
  • Provides real-time trading price, news from the Stock Exchange and KELive Research on common shares (Stock), warrants (Warrant), derivatives, ETFs, NVDR, etc.


Some description




efin Trade Plus (iOS / Android)

eFin Trade Plus is stock and derivatives Multi-Market trading program with modern technology for use by the operating system iOS on iPad / iPhone and Android. Application has made remarkable ease of use with touch-screen convenience, format display complete information allowing users to track the market movement. Stocks and derivatives data is available real-time with the function to order immediately. Users  will not miss the chance to invest.

Program details

• Information price movements in securities / derivatives realtime

• Order, cancel, check order status, trade for stocks / derivatives anytime

• Show the last state in the portfolio quickly

• Check & connect network automatically


Operating system

iOS 7 and up (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) / Android 4.1 and up (Smartphone, Tablet) 

Streaming (iOS / Android)

Trading application for multi-market stocks and derivatives through the iPhone / iPad and Android, developed by SETTRADE Com Limited. With cutting-edge technology combined with the outstanding technology of the iPhone. Such as Touch ID, Voice Command, the Touch & Swipe the screen Streaming on iPhone has been designed and developed by an expert team of Internet and mobile trading system, allows you to analyze the investment decisions of both stocks and derivatives accurately and promptly.

Highlights of the service

• The movement of securities and derivatives real-time

• To order and check the status of orders, portfolios stocks and derivatives at any time

• Convenience Login and safety by using Touch ID technology from Apple Inc. for the iPhone, with functions Touch ID to use as iOS 8 and up.

iPhone5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus.

efin Mobile (iOS / Android)

Application for real-time tracking graph data, financial information on investment in Thailand. Cover all operating systems, the first application in Thailand with full information on investments, focus on the types of devices, smartphone and Tablet, which builds on the service's website.

2 forms of use

  1. Investors can access without Logging in, the data that appears to show is End of day.
  2. If investors want to use a real-time data, log in is needed by using Username of the Maybank Kim Eng.

User’s picture can be uploaded.

What does it have in eFin Mobile HD

• Buy/Sell function

• News: All day real-time news

• Ranking: See ranking stocks in each category

• Fund Flow: Net trading four groups of investors

• Graph: follow up real-time graph

• NVDR: data NVDR trading

• My List: up to 30 favorite stocks can be added

• Log in: Login with user’s account through a broker website, to view more information


Trading (buy/sell) is not supported through the program at the moment.

Operation system

iOS 8.0 and up (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Android 4.1 and up (Smartphone/Tablet)