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Securities Borrowing and Lending : SBL

Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited has been permitted by the Ministry of Finance, since 26 December 2005, to provide securities borrowing and lending services (SBL). The company will be both an intermediary and broker for all types of investors. The borrowing and lending service is an additional option for investors to manage risk and increase returns. Borrowers can borrow stocks for shorting and can profit during a market downturn. Moreover, lenders will receive a lending fee, which is worth more than the value of borrowed securities. In this scenario, the company is the intermediary between the lender and the borrower. Eligible securities are securities listed on the SET100, the TDEX or the ENGY (including ETFs) which are in the Marginable list of the company.

Benefits of SBL



1. Additional investment alternatives to lessen risks from a market downturn
2. Diversify portfolio risk
3. Can engage in Pair Trades and Arbitrage


 1. Lending fees received
2. Can sell and recall the loaned stock at any time
3. Privileges such as dividend gains and new shares
4. 20% of the securities' value which are lent out are still calculated as collateral amount

1. For Borrower, the company will deduct fees( including VAT7%) from Credit Balance account every month end or after return the loaned securities.
2. For Lender, the conpany will transfer the money ( lending fees after withholding Tax ) to lending account every month end.
3. SBL borrowing and lending fee is calculated daily based on loanded sucurities value in accordance with the closing price at the end of each business day ( including the day on which the loaned securities is returned).

For more information please contract your Invesment Consultant.


1. Eligible lending/borrowing securities are securities listed on the SET100, the TDEX or the ENGY (including ETFs)
2. All borrowed securities must already be settled.
3. Minimum borrowing requirement is 100,000 Baht
4. Borrowers must have a credit balance account
5. An agreement will be for only 1 year. The minimum borrowing period is 1 day
6. If the stock will corporate action ( X date ), the company will recall the stocks from Borrower then Borrower must be return at least 1 business day before X date.
7. Foreign shares and NVDRs are not permitted to be shorted
8. For short selling, The client must not be send a price lower than last execution price.
9. The client can borrowing and lending via Internet system or contract your Investment Consultant at 8.00 to 17.45

Start SBL

1. For Lender, have Cash Account / Cash Balance Account and sign SBL contract with the company
2. For Borrower, have Credit Account and sign SBL contract with the company