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1. The value of the reward is calculated using the commission accumulated from Equity, Derivatives and Offshore trading during the promotional period (1 Jan 2017–31 Dec 2017) and does not include the following other fees: the SET’s Levy Fee, the TSD Clearing Fee , the Regulatory Fee, and the SEC’s Fee.  

2. Accumulated commission can be transferred to the following year, but the range and criteria for the value of the rewards can be revised annually. Customers have to conduct at least one trading transaction during the promotional period (1 Jan 2017–31 Dec 2017) to preserve their accumulated commission, otherwise they will lose it.

3. Customers must have an existing account that has not been closed or is not in the process of being closed by the company before making a redemption request.

4. A redemption can be made during 3 Jan 2018-9 Jan 2018. If customers do not make a request, their accumulated commission will be transferred to the next year immediately.

5. More than one type of reward can be redeemed, but the minimum value for each reward is required.

6. After a reward is redeemed the required amount of accumulated commission will be deducted from the customer’s account. Any remaining commission can be used towards the next redemption period. 

7. The company will deliver the reward within 45 working days after the redemption is closed.

8. This promotion is limited to individual accounts that are domiciled in Thailand only.

9. The committee and employees of the company are not permitted to take advantage of this promotion.

10. If a reward has run out of stock or cannot be provided, the company will deliver another one of equal value.


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