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Mr. Sukit Udomsirikul
Managing Director and Head of Research

Managing Director and Head of Research

Ms. Suttatip Perasub
Senior Analyst : Commerce, Food, Media

Commerce, Food, Media

Tel.:  02-658-6300 ext 1430

Mr. Surachai Pramualcharoenkit
Senior Analyst : Materials / Construction

Materials / Construction

Tel.: 02-658-6300 ext. 1470


Mr. Sutthichai Kumworachai
Analyst : Energy & Utilities / Petrochemical

Energy & Utilities / Petrochemical & Chemicals 

Tel.: 02-658-6300 ext. 1400

Ms. Termporn Tantivivat
Analyst : Property (Residential)

Property (Residential)

Tel.: 02-658-6300 ext. 1520

Mr. Jaroonpan Wattanawong
Analyst : Transportation / Small Cap

Transportation / Small Cap

Tel.: 02-658-6300 ext. 1404

Mr. Sorrabhol Virameteekul
Assistant Analyst

Assistant Analyst

Tel.:  02-658-6300 ext 1550