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KECyber (Real time trading on Pocket PC)
is compatible with various Pocket PC/ Smart Phone operating systems [Download Pocket PC] / [Download Smart Phone]. After establishing Internet connection via GPRS, click the KECyber icon and log in your username and password to access Internet trading system.


How to set up Pocket PC
Step 1: Connect to GPRS with your Pocket PC
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Click "Download now" to install
How to set-up Smart Phone
Step 1: Connect to GPRS using your Smart Phone
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Click "Download now" to install
How to link your PC computer with Pocket PC for Internet trading
1. Save KECyber programme to PC
2. Connect PC - Pocket PC
3. Copy file to Pocket PC
4. Open "file explorer" in Pocket PC
5. Tab file file

How to access KECyber

After installing the programme, access by choosing menu "Start" --> "Program" --> click "KECyber" and then follow instructions step by step.

Step1: Choose one of our servers to use. Please type the URL as follows:

Step 2: Enter your account number (username) and login password, then click "OK".

Step 3:
  - After logging into KECyber, your session will automatically expire in 60 minutes, if you do not click on any menu item. This is a security precaution (in case your device is lost or stolen, your programme will then not be available to another user).
  - Real Time Quotations are accessed via the server by clicking the "Refresh" button or "Tools" --> "Connection" -->
then click "OK".


1. Stock Quotes: The page features bid/offer prices; stock trading volume and value; last trade share prices; share price highs/lows; previous close prices; and intra-day share price and trading volume charts.
2. My Favorites: Clients can customise monitoring of 50 stocks, five groups of stocks, each group containing 10 stocks.
Most Active by Volume: Page ranks 10 most active stocks by volume.
Most Active by Value: Page ranks 10 most active stocks by value.
Top Gainers/Top Losers: Page ranks top share price gainers and losers, showing share price changes.
Market Summary: Page features SET index information, including market turnover, market trading value and the total number of transactions. Summaries of individual stocks can also be displayed, including last available information on non-trading or suspended stocks.
Index Information: Page features SET, SET 100, SET 50, MAI, and sector index charts.