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Stock Market Information service, online trading via PDA, Pocket PC device
Two channels for optional use:
1. From website
    |----- View stock Information
|----- Online stock trading
KECyber program View stock information running in the application

To download on Pocket PC
Step 1: Connect to GPRS with Pocket PC
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Click "Download now" to install

Download to Smart Phone
Step 1: Connect to GPRS using a Smart Phone
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Click "Download now" to install investment info via PDA
KECyber enables investors to conveniently access real-time market information stock prices, stock indices, currency exchange rates and research analysis from KELive while traveling or outdoors and trade stocks anywhere, anytime.

Customers using pocket PC
Customers can use a pre-installed Pocket Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet with a Modem Pocket PC with an Infared or Bluetooth interface linking their mobile phones.

Customer using a PALM
Customers can download Eudora Internet Suit 2.1 software to connect to the Internet via an Infared or Bluetooth interface linking their mobile phones.

Services on
Trading: After logging onto the system, the following can be accessed:

Market Information

  • Stock Quote: stock quotes, trading values and volumes, latest prices, high/low prices, prior closing prices and a stock symbol icon that accesses specific stock information
  • Sector prices by sector: trading values and volumes in each sector, prior closing prices, latest prices, price changes
  • SET Quote: SET index quotes and daily trading volume data
  • Most active: 10 most active securities on both the main and foreign boards
  • Greatest price change: 10 top gainers and losers of the day on the main and foreign boards

Order Entry

  • Sending trade orders
  • Order cancellations

Customer Portfolio

  • Order Browse: features daily order details, order status and an order cancellation function.
  • Portfolio: features securities portfolio information, including average share prices, shares held and share-related profits and losses
  • Credit Inquiry: confirms trading buy limitations
KELIVE : Kim Eng Research
  • Stock Focus: offers10 latest research papers
  • Strategy: shows10 latest technical research papers
  • Market View: features 10 latest daily research papers, following pertinent market/company news and/or earnings results announcements with stock recommendations
Branch contacts: Features 38 branch addresses and contact telephone numbers